Monday, August 24, 2009

Exit Gate East

Well, this is the end of my 3 months at the Land Stewardship Center. Star says I should keep on blogging even after I depart, but I think it's better to just end right here. Along with this photo of the LSC Japanese torii gate, I'll close with a very old saying from the Land of the Rising Sun: "May countless ruby-throated forest songbirds greet you joyously from the entrance gate to Nirvana as you depart from this life of trial and tribulation and enter into the great kingdom of the Magnificent Buddha." Actually, I just made that up... and will close instead with one concise and elegant Japanese word: Sayonara.

Parting Shots

Permaculture Accident

Here's a little permaculture setup that came about purely by accident. The hostas were recently planted in front of the compost bin, and every so often compost is leaked from between the wooden slats, providing the plants with dark, rich nutrients.

Lapeer Days

The other day I biked into Lapeer for the Lapeer Days street festival. Not a whole lot of vegan food options to choose from, though there were quite a few interesting characters in attendance.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Joann left for Kansas City yesterday so for the time being Clark and I are the only ones at the LSC. The garden is producing well now, and though we are both vegans we definitely have more than the two of us can eat.

Special Request

I'd already posted the photo for the permaculture workshop (see tents below), but had a special request so here's a second photo. This was taken the other day when the participants were digging a swale on LSC property.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mama Qanina Blog Coming Soon!

On the radio earlier today I heard a program about mommy blogs. Supposedly, moms are making hundreds of dollars a week or more by blogging about their ongoing parental experiences. By slipping in little promos for various companies, the blogger moms receive $$ and gifts.

I'm not making any money on this LSC blog so I think I'll change gears by starting a new one: Mama Qanina. I doubt that anyone's going to mind very much if I stop blogging about geese and gardens and all that other nature stuff and begin touting Nestle's powdered milk and Pampers.